GEP or Not?

Congratulations! Now that your child has been selected for the GEP program, what’s next for him/her? It might be an extremely straightforward answer for some parents but not so for some others. My opinion is, go for it. Reasons being: PROS: It’s a great confidence-booster. Your gifted child knows what “gifted” means and there is no better way to inform your child that he/she is really good at what he/she has been doing than being identified as the top 1% of the cohort in Singapore. A generally high self-confidence can lead to higher competency in everything else that the child attempts … Continue reading GEP or Not?

Why Shouldn’t You Scold Your Child for Their Bad Results

It’s easy to blame your child for the bad results he received. “Why didn’t you pay attention in class?!” “You don’t know and you didn’t ask?!” “What were you doing when the teacher was teaching?!” These might have been your … Continue reading Why Shouldn’t You Scold Your Child for Their Bad Results

The Importance of Hugs After Punishments

Hugs are forms of affirmation and affection for the child to feel loved. In the Asian context, the words “I love you” might not come out easily therefore making “hugs” even more important as an alternative to show affection especially after a harsh punishment. No parents enjoy punishing their children, but when the need arises, it is vital it is executed swiftly and with perfect orchestration. Firstly, it must be pre-warned that a punishment is coming,  but when the warning didn’t work, the punishment must be meted out. Once punishment is meted out, the child must always apologise for the … Continue reading The Importance of Hugs After Punishments

How to make my child smarter?

Don’t most of us want to know that? The answer is, fortunately, easier than we thought. Apart from good genes, we can make our children smarter by using the appropriate praises. Research has shown that those who believed that ability is fixed, doesn’t feel that they need to put in effort to score in a test, they believe they will get good scores just because they are born smart. Even when they have gotten answers wrong, they won’t bother to find out what went wrong or how to fix it because that will show their disability in being smart. Whereas … Continue reading How to make my child smarter?

Don’t Fall for “Assessments” Done on Your Child

Most of us won’t mind having our children assessed once in a while just to know where they stand relative to other kids. However, don’t buy it totally, especially if it is done at an enrichment center. The most recent case I’ve heard was an assessment done on a 4 year old boy. Parents wanted him to work on some Mathematics skills and chanced upon this St****** enrichment program. After some 20min of assessment, one of the conclusions given to the parents was that their son did not understand the concept of Place Values. Place Values?? Seriously? Did they seriously … Continue reading Don’t Fall for “Assessments” Done on Your Child

4 Tips for Choosing a Secondary School

It’s never easy for any kind of parents. Be it the hands-off type or the “kan cheong” type. Many see it as a determiner of the child’s future, which sort of explains the emphasis placed on the PSLE results. But no matter the results, now is the time to consider what school to choose. Many parents had sought my advice on this and these are the top 4 tips on how to choose a secondary school: 1. What is the level of competition you want your child to face? To put your child into a good school means competition will … Continue reading 4 Tips for Choosing a Secondary School

Injustice of an ADD boy

I was cleaning the windows of my center due to the huge amount of finger prints left behind after a busy weekend of classes. It was Monday afternoon and there usually ain’t any enquiries. Then she appeared. I noticed how lost she looked in her eyes and almost thought she was just asking for directions. “I would like to make an enquiry please,” the lady began. OK, I was wrong. I quickly led her to a seat at our counter and put away my rag and glass cleaner. I asked her how old her kid was so I could recommend … Continue reading Injustice of an ADD boy

The struggle between academic achievement and training another Joseph Schooling

I had wanted to write an article about Joseph Schooling and his academic achievement to discuss the balance that one can achieve between studies and sports. However, I can’t seem to find anything about his results in school. Then it struck me… seriously… who cares? Who cares if Joseph Schooling had done well in school when he is now a world champion. However, many parents will want their children to have the back-up plan, in case they don’t achieve their sporting goals… come on, there can’t possibly be too many Joseph Schooling anyway. Joseph Schooling had, most probably, in my … Continue reading The struggle between academic achievement and training another Joseph Schooling

A teacher’s viewpoints of the new PSLE grading system in 2021

Many websites have written about it, netizens have criticised it, but of course, some defended it as well. As a teacher of 14 years and a private educator of 3 years, I would like to present the changes and the impact it might have on children, their parents and the industry from a teacher’s point of view. Everyone knows, every child is unique. Each of them have their own learning preferences, cognitive ability and achievement motivation etc. To analyse the new PSLE grading system, I will broadly categorise the children into 3 groups: The High Ability (HA), Middle Ability (MA) and … Continue reading A teacher’s viewpoints of the new PSLE grading system in 2021

Tuition – Social evil or confidence booster?

I read with great concern as more and more articles surface addressing the “social evil” of tuition; how this industry should be considered a bane to the happiness of children and thus should be eradicated. I have been running a tuition center for 3 years now. I was previously from MOE teaching for the past 14 years, I was even awarded the best trainee teacher in my time and a medalist in my university days. When I first decided to venture into the business, I barely dared announce it to my friends and relatives, feeling like I had decided to … Continue reading Tuition – Social evil or confidence booster?